“Exercising our rights!
Developing new tools in support of social cohesion"

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  • 2014 as the YEU Year of Innovation in Non Formal Education (NFE) forms the context in which this project was conceived. YEU tailored the project placing social cohesion at the heart of its efforts, after realizing that such mobilization was necessary in the present social circumstances. The economic crisis that struck billions of people around the globe carried consequences that were not only financial, but extended to the erosion of ethics and moral values, and lead to an increase of intolerance towards vulnerable groups in our societies.

  • Through this endeavour, YEU aimed at building the capacity of youth activists working on social cohesion processes in their communities, and simultaneously wished to make a lasting contribution to the non-formal education arena. Since the dawn of “Exercising our Rights!” these aims have served as the compass leading the efforts of everyone associated with the project. As a creative process it has been filled with enthusiastic initiatives from youth workers, trainers and organizers alike, and has been marked by hard work and dedication.

  • The outcome of this collective effort comes to you, the reader in the form of the manual you are holding in your hands. It includes newly developed activities, tested by an international group of participants in their local communities as well as in international surroundings to ascertain their effectiveness in promoting social cohesion. Organizations aspiring to tackle diverse social issues, youth workers who wish to increase their skill set and act as multipliers in their communities, and individuals inexperienced in youth work who want to make an impact can all benefit from the practices and guidance included in this manual.

“Exercising our rights!
Developing new tools in support of social cohesion”

Project coordinator: Tamara Gojkovic
Editor: Constantina Markou
Production: Youth for Exchange and Understanding, 2014.

All the contents and NFE tools and activities in this publication have been developed by trainers and participants of “Exercising our rights!” process. Reproduction of material from this publication is authorized for non-commercial educational purposes only, provided the source quoted.

“Exercising our rights! Developing new tools in support of social cohesion” has been funded as annual workplan 2014 by European Youth Foundation.

©Youth for Exchange and Understanding, November 2014